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Common Etiquette

  • It is common, though not required, that new users introduce themselves with an introductory post using the #introduction hashtag.
  • There is no requirement to use your real name.
  • When posting about meetups, please use the #meetups hashtag to make it easier for other users to find your posts.
  • When posting for jobs (either looking to hire or looking to find), please use the #jobs hashtag to make it easier for other users to find your posts.
  • Please use a Content Warning when posting about politics. Try not to get carried away.
  • Do unto others as you think they would want done to them. Don't be a jerk.


If you have questions or concerns, send email to admin@masto.rootdc.xyz



  • No pornography, even behind Content Warnings or NSFW flags. And let's be honest, your porn is probably subpar for what is available elsewhere on the Internet.
  • No LOLICON or depictions of sexual content.
  • No stalking or harassment, including doxxing (revealing the identity or location of users).
  • No threats of violence.
  • No spam or advertising, except for promotion of non-profit events, meetups, or jobs. Job postings should not be excessive. If you are a recruiter, be selective about what you post and don't do it too much.


In addition to the above, accounts with lewd or excessively off-topic content or that are deemed to ruin the experience of other users will be silenced (hidden from the local and public timelines).


Ban List

This is a moderated instance. As such, there is a ban list which can be found here