@LinuxReviews gdm on my scientific linux 7 machine at work will sometimes let firefox “pop up” in front of it while it’s locked, letting you actually click around and browse without unlocking 🤦 lock screens must be hard to do right

@LinuxReviews this is why i stick with XScreenSaver... that and bouncing cows

@kyle I have noticed that socks have gotten thinner over time

@terryenglish Intel’s been fuckin up since AMD got their groove back... both I think need to get real about those SMT related bugs. I was installing RHEL 8 on a Ryzen system and the installer actually warned me that I should disable SMT

@schestowitz I work for a CDN and was trying to explain to someone how our service benefits both self-hosted and AWS/Azure users, and they asked me "But if you're using AWS... aren't you already in the cloud?" These buzzwords make it harder to explain such things rather than easier, thus defeating whatever limited purpose they had

@claudiom @herag @fatboy wow never even heard of this... you run this on -current??

@claudiom @herag @fatboy yes gaming with old ass mesa and what not is getting old, hopefully 15.0 will appear soon. my only gripe with -current when i last tried was getting SlackBuilds from slackbuilds.org to work... i like playing shade tree package builder but it became too much for me. if you use AlienBOB’s packages this shouldn’t be an issue

@claudiom @herag @fatboy Oh and by "stable release" I mean 14.2, I don't run -current because I'm a bit lazy and like the stability

@claudiom @herag @fatboy I'm the type that's pretty wary of newfangled packages breaking things so I'm a fan of the stable releases but recently tried my own kernel to play with NUMA. followed this guide and to my shock I didn't break anything!: blog.paranoidpenguin.net/2016/
Also I can relate on missing a symlink being annoying, so I write little scripts like this: pastebin.com/eE5uMX6p
lilo.conf can be set up to boot the stock kernel if something goes bad, saves you from booting from USB/chroot'ing

happy new year to all my peeps holdin it down for the tootiverse out there!! call me mark tooterburg

@rcode3 wouldn’t it still use the same “fediverse”? i think @JoYo prefers it for the resource consumption. also happy new years you tooters (yes i have been drinking)

@rcode3 boiled peanuts were big in NC... best bet was buying it off a guy off the side of the road

@Dee It's not IPv6 compatible, you'll need netcat-openbsd for that... Slackware's default netcat isn't either so I install a similar package

@fireglow I never tried this but it seems to work with or without the second @.*

@fireglow I think you're supposed to use them for the search feature to work... I always forget to do it

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