PROTIP: open port 9 on your firewall to ensure proper (RFC 863 compliant) disposal of discard traffic

my dumbass opinion on speech 

Upgrade to -current is done... Tomorrow I'll have to copy over my config files and start re-building my SlackBuilds

what’s “da best” Mastodon client for iOS? I’d like to toot from my iTelephone

Found these bad boys while moving... You think they'll do full-duplex??

Now that my Slackware mirror is all rsync'd up, time to attempt my first -current install. Vaya con Dios!!

wikipedia is just man pages for the internet.

finally picked up a CPU-claw so I could remove my CPU safely and properly, always use the right tool for the job!!

"smart" phones... 

I'm reading about binary file formats in my text editor and there's screencaps of other text editors in there and I want you to know about it

Installed this module via CPAN on CentOS but turns out I should've used Yum, otherwise it goes to the user's $HOME/perl5 dir rather than one of the system-wide perl5 dirs. My user account could run it but cron tried running it as root and now I have about a month's worth of these compilation errors in /var/mail/root 🙃

Trying to use regex in Perl to match an IPv4 or IPv6 address in a string... At least I'm a little bit better after today than I was yesterday

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