happy new year to all my peeps holdin it down for the tootiverse out there!! call me mark tooterburg

Anyone have any predictions for the new year/decade? I predict that new smartphones will require you to prick your finger and give a blood sample to submit your DNA to advertisers before use. Everyone will buy them for more than what you spent on your computer.

layer-2 is working... didn’t think this would take me all night but it’s keeping me entertained at least

“will inbound meows be accepted?”
“did you call netcat?”

new rule: article headlines can no longer begin with the word “actually”. actually, contrarian articles are contrary to good reading

You either get escape characters or you don\'t

I just realized you can make polls?

I went through 4 difference PCIe USB controller cards until I found one that "just works" with Linux 4.19.x kernel... The 5th one, a Rosewill RC-508, works perfectly. Why was that so hard?

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shouts out to ffmpeg... Downloaded multiple mixtapes all encoded in m4a instead of mp3 (why??) but ffmpeg in a for loop is takin care of it while I clip my nails and drink pink moscato

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systemd rant 

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