You either get escape characters or you don\'t

I just realized you can make polls?

I went through 4 difference PCIe USB controller cards until I found one that "just works" with Linux 4.19.x kernel... The 5th one, a Rosewill RC-508, works perfectly. Why was that so hard?

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shouts out to ffmpeg... Downloaded multiple mixtapes all encoded in m4a instead of mp3 (why??) but ffmpeg in a for loop is takin care of it while I clip my nails and drink pink moscato

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systemd rant 

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Amen: “The Internet Must Be More Than Facebook…If Big Tech becomes synonymous with the internet, we could lose free choice, democracy, and even the ability to imagine a different world.”

I finally compiled my own kernel without breaking something and I want you to know about it (default config in 14.2 doesn't have CONFIG_NUMA set)

Games that require an internet connection to play even single-player should have to reimburse you when their servers go down. 503 response code? More like you owe me $5.03. Fine doubles if it's the weekend

OR... 2x in raid 0 mounted at /, 2x in raid 1 mounted at /home, then the last one at /var...

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