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#introduction Artist formerly known as @swaggboi ; had to move instances because my old home is shutting down 📉

covid-19, uspol, moar snark/sarcasm 

covid-19, uspol, snark/sarcasm 

I have to migrate to a new Mastodon instance as mine is shutting down... Any recommendations for a new home?

TIL: "ken" is one of the common usernames that script kiddies try. I was showing someone how to add a new user in *nix using `adduser` and told them to use "ken" as an example (homage to Ken Thompson). Maybe a minute later I deleted ken but before I did I took a peak at the logs for S n Gs... 4 failed logons in one minute 🙄

inet6 my partna dem
tail -F my partna dem
die <<'EOF'; my partna dem
you know /dev/null my partna dem!!


On OpenBSD:
`echo "o2 AAA ml o2l8F P16 o3l16C o2 l4A l8F o3P16l16C o2 l4A p4 o3 EEE ml l8F P16 o3l16C o2 l4A- l8F o3P16l16C o2 l4A" > /dev/speaker`

trying out sbotools finally on a fresh Slackware laptop install in preparation for going out of town next weekend... where have you been all my life?? It does everything I did manually... automagically

“false - do nothing, unsuccessfully” - false(1) man page

happy new year to all my peeps holdin it down for the tootiverse out there!! call me mark tooterburg

Anyone have any predictions for the new year/decade? I predict that new smartphones will require you to prick your finger and give a blood sample to submit your DNA to advertisers before use. Everyone will buy them for more than what you spent on your computer.

layer-2 is working... didn’t think this would take me all night but it’s keeping me entertained at least

“will inbound meows be accepted?”
“did you call netcat?”

new rule: article headlines can no longer begin with the word “actually”. actually, contrarian articles are contrary to good reading

You either get escape characters or you don\'t

I just realized you can make polls?

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