Well, this sucks. Linux Journal is no more (again).

Hopefully the website stays around as it has some really good content.

Sorry to see it go. All the best to @kyle and crew.


@rcode3 wow this blows... I wonder why they can't keep bills paid with Linux being kind of trendy now? I'll need to archive this gem for sure:
That's an interview with Patrick Volkerding from 1994, I was playing DOS games on my parents' old Windows 3.1 machine back then. Had no idea what an kernel was, let alone Linux

@swaggboi I don’t know about you, but does anybody buy magazines any more.

Their business model wasn’t quite right for the web age.

@rcode3 facts. i still subscribe to 2600 but i don’t think they publish it for free online the way linux journal seemed to do it. maybe it’s good for readers but bad for business

@rcode3 @kyle @linuxjournal

You'll be missed... well, until we figure out how to bring it back.... one more time!!

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