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I'm not new to the Fediverse, just moving my account from to I like tech stuff, programming (when I'm allowed to do it). The current language I'm getting into is . Also, I want to do some stuff in .

Also, I just turfed my spare laptop running Pop_OS. So I gotta go rebuild that. Probably going back to straight Ubuntu.

*SIGH* My very first golang proggy and it seg faults.

This didn't happen with my very first Rust program. Just sayin...

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Finally took the time last night to get Total Replay installed on my Apple IIe / Microdrive Turbo.

I looked for a tutorial, but didn't find find one right away, so I basically decided to fool around with Ciderpress and the Compact flash from the Microdrive until i figured it out.

It wasn't difficult once I got my head into it and worked through it.

Now I have a second partition on my IIe with 200+ games ready to go at a moment's notice.

#retrocomputing #retrogaming #appleII

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I can't speak for the rest of the @linuxjournal archive, but I own the decade+ worth of articles I wrote. A lot of them are just as relevant today (I refer to them myself quite often). Would anyone be interested in some kind of "Best of Hack and /" polished and updated compilation?

Full house at NovaLUG this morning. Plus nibblies!!! Thanks to Ridgeline for the support

From Bryan Cantrill's InfoQ podcast on Rust:

"I think it is a mistake to allow developers to develop code they do not understand."

He was talking about type safety, but my mind went immediately to dependency injection and aspects.

You mean it’s not normal to spend your evenings installing Manjaro i3?

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There are no recipes for building quality software. No framework. No step-by-step-plan. No guarantees.

A good chef continuously tastes her soup. Good devs work on feedback, not prediction.

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Clutch don't play rock'n'roll, Clutch *is* rock'n'roll.

#nowplaying Clutch - Electric Worry //

Well, this sucks. Linux Journal is no more (again).

Hopefully the website stays around as it has some really good content.

Sorry to see it go. All the best to @kyle and crew.


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gathered metrics that show our CalDAV server uses ~4 times fewer CPU ticks when run as virtual machine (#MirageOS unikernel) compared to a Unix process -- and thus emits less CO₂ //cc @PrototypeFund -- was running till June 13th as process; read more at

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come visit our booth at the Vintage Computer Festival #vcf west this weekend @ComputerHistory @vcfederation and celebrate SDF32 and #unix50 - froggyme 🐸 will be streaming live #vcfwest #retro #vintage #tech #unix #bbs

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For whatever reason the latest Regolith update decided to switch the name of the i3 config file. Very annoying.

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