I feel as though my boss as essentially retired on the job. He doesn't take the time to learn new things at all, instead relying on hear-say only and falling back to positions that agree with his long held biases.

Advancing the state-of-things feels like an up hill battle with him.

I know a lot of men look down on women in tech because they are deemed not assertive, but he's one of the men who has failed up by being lazy and relying on the old-boys-club to keep his salary.

I can't believe it has come to this.

If you are using your FOSS projects to limit choice and drive your political agenda, you are no more an agent of freedom than self indulgent corporations who use software to drive their commercial agendas. For instance, you are no different than Microsoft.

The freedom in free software isn't freedom to be told what to do, what to believe, what opinions to hold, and who to talk to.

Let the Fediverse be free and open to everyone.

Why! Why? Why? Why? WHY does today have to be Monday? 😴

Yeah, there are more women in tech... but most are programmers or associated fields. So few in the sysadmin roles.

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Do you miss Cron.Weekly? Are you missing those nuggets of cool utilities, interesting tech news, and tidbits that make being a techy interesting. Then this is the place for you.

This is not a bot. This is not an automated feed. This is not a fire-hose. This is a Fediverse-originating, curated stream of interesting tech news, utilities, code libraries and ideas. Follow here or via RSS/Atom.

F5's are the redneck pickup truck of network gear. They are expensive to operate, handle poorly, and really only good at hauling shit around.

"Liquid Death sells water to tech bros who are too cool for alcohol"


This is soooooo painful...

"This “punk” entry is just the latest, and perhaps the ultimate, example of using toxic masculinity to market a product."

Being at the Dentist feels likes being in a cult. Did you floss last night? Are you regularly using the enhanced flouride treatment? You know, tooth decay blah blah blah... Can they just shut up and let me sleep through this!

My boss is total dickhead. After he and I agreed on a project, he comes in late to the project planning meeting I setup and starts to undercut both me and the idea.

Purism steps in it and rootdc get a bazillion new users. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

The Baracuda ads are just getting worse. Now they are advertising that they protect against IoT identity theft.

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OMG! What is this company in Sterling?

"Job post seeking ‘preferably Caucasian’ applicants removed"


TFW you work late and just wanna get home only to have to wait at a Metro station forever because non-rush hour fare also means no rush to run the trains.

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