Capital One 

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spacex are opening a pleroma instance wtf lmao????

One semi-useful site for tech job search I have found is, in case anybody is interested.

Also for those in the DC area, Capital One are either a bunch of incompetents or just totally brogrammers or some man-club yabos.

Job hunting:

1) LinkedIn is a shitshow.

2) Make a recruiter talk to you on the phone before giving them your resume. Many of them are just collecting resumes so their clients can bid on govt jobs to show that they can hire the bodies necessary to fill the contract.

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Looking around to see what people want in software proggers these days, seems Python and Go are very popular. Also, if you don't have AWS experience you're in trouble.

Well, I wasn't fired! 

Let the shitstorm begin 

So pretty much gonna start polishing up my resume. My boss is lazy, incompetent, and a bit of a fool. Too bad. The company itself is not that bad.

Ok. We've all learned our lesson now, right?

Gab was not a threat to the Fediverse... just an instance full of false-flag accounts and poorly written bots.

Why do I work for idiots? Yesterday my boss told me that we need to seriously consider the possibility of AES compromise.

Awesome win by the Womens USA Team!



(now watching the USA vs NED).

I mean, I love the Dutch but...

I don't know what a Gab is. Maybe a Gab is a Nazi. Who knows.

but people say Candace Owens and Carol Swain, proud women of color, are Nazis.

Are they trying to normalize Nazis?

Recovering my account took much longer than I thought. Mostly because I did other things than trying to recover any of my files.

I feel as though my boss as essentially retired on the job. He doesn't take the time to learn new things at all, instead relying on hear-say only and falling back to positions that agree with his long held biases.

Advancing the state-of-things feels like an up hill battle with him.

I know a lot of men look down on women in tech because they are deemed not assertive, but he's one of the men who has failed up by being lazy and relying on the old-boys-club to keep his salary.

I can't believe it has come to this.

If you are using your FOSS projects to limit choice and drive your political agenda, you are no more an agent of freedom than self indulgent corporations who use software to drive their commercial agendas. For instance, you are no different than Microsoft.

The freedom in free software isn't freedom to be told what to do, what to believe, what opinions to hold, and who to talk to.

Let the Fediverse be free and open to everyone.

Why! Why? Why? Why? WHY does today have to be Monday? 😴

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