We had a slight storage issue this morning, but all seems to be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

masto.rootdc.xyz has been upgraded to Mastodon v.2.9.0.

Information on 2.9 is here: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/06/

Pro Tip: Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags in posts simply by using the octothorpe # character followed by a word. Others users can then search on those hashtags.

More Pro tips at rootdc.xyz/mastodon/#pro-tips

Pro Tip: Get an RSS or Atom Feed of Your Toots

Mastodon generates RSS and Atom feeds of your public posts. To do this, click on your avatar image to bring up your profile in the right column. Then click on your avatar in that column and it will take you to your “profile” page. That home page will have a URL such as masto.rootdc.xyz/@bobsmurd. To get an RSS or Atom feed, simply append the URL with .rss or .atom.

More Pro tips at rootdc.xyz/mastodon/#pro-tips

masto.rootdc.xyz has now been upgraded to v.2.8.2 of Mastodon

MOTD: Pro Tip: Post from the command line.

Are you a power user? Want to Toot from the command line. Try out Toot, a Mastodon CLI.

More Pro Tips at rootdc.xyz/mastodon/#pro-tips

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Just joined. Interested to see how this differs from Slack, FB, Twitter

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First time using Mastodon! My career interests include: Software development. Research & Development. Advanced data structures and algorithms. Big Data in Scala / Spark.

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I purged social media a few years ago but this looks promising so I'm giving "interfacing with other humans on the internet" another try \m/

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Hi I'm @lastlink on github, I'm a .net core, vuejs, and flutter developer and hobbyist.

MOTD: Pro tip - Choose a darker theme.

If you prefer a darker color scheme, Mastodon has two other themes that may appeal to you. To change the theme you see, click on the Gear Icon and go to Preferences. Under Site Theme, you can pick Light, Dark, or High Contrast.

As this instance comes on-line and gathers more connections from other instances, some objectionable content will slip through. Fortunately, Mastodon has good administrative tools.

The official ban list is here: rootdc.xyz/coc/

masto.rootDC.xyz is now up. A mastodon instance for the Washington DC area tech community.


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