Been off for a bit. What's the latest controversy on the mastodons now?

In a previous life when I was a cube worker, my company held annual reviews upon which an annual raise was determined. Problem was they were always late on those annual reviews. One year I decided to start noting by putting "Days Annual Review is Overdue" on my cube's whiteboard, knowning my boss and his boss had to walk by it every day. Around day 200, my boss told me they all found my sign irritating and felt it insulted them. Yup... they were f'ing around with my paycheck, but...

The terms “master” and “slave” have long been used in technology to refer to a relationship between devices. Google is working to phase it out. Among the “suggested alternatives” are, “primary/replica,” “master/replica,” “elder/follower” or, somewhat more creatively, “master/minion.”

google brogrammers gonna brogram promotes political violence 

Politics - Nazis are everywhere 

How long before starts adding in trackers and telemetry to report users for wrongthink... you know, in the name of free software and being do-gooders.

I can't believe it has come to this.

If you are using your FOSS projects to limit choice and drive your political agenda, you are no more an agent of freedom than self indulgent corporations who use software to drive their commercial agendas. For instance, you are no different than Microsoft.

The freedom in free software isn't freedom to be told what to do, what to believe, what opinions to hold, and who to talk to.

Let the Fediverse be free and open to everyone. - a #golang library for creating and processing PDF documents.

Including digital signatures, unicode text extraction, image extraction, PDF templates, form flattening, automatic outlines and tables of content creation, styled paragraphs, subtables.



I don't do twitsite because of all the smugness from stupid people. I really like the idea of federated social media, but I see a lot of the same attitude here. There is a lot of looking down on people who are different and a lot of wanna-be authoritarianim disguised as pitty parties.

US Pol / Conservatives and Deplatforming 

UK Politics 

A tooting hello to all new #Telephant users & testers!

Loving all your feedback, likes & stars ❤️ Keep it coming!

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